The beginning – August 18 2012

Up the back of property where my husband and I live (The Cottage) is a beautiful patch of land that gets amazing amounts of afternoon sunshine. As if the sunshine wasn’t a huge bonus, the view from the land is beautiful! It looks out over the city and you can even see the OCEAN!
This bit of land, we thought, was the perfect place for a veggie garden. So in August, we began preparing for planting in Spring!
There was a lot of tall grass, so my husband, my father, and I began the hard task of cutting all the tall grass down. This took a fair few hours, as there was A LOT!Β The top, raised level of garden, we were going to turn into the veggie garden, and the bottom part would be a entertaining or relaxing area. This made a lot of sense and would save a lot of back pain when it came to weeding and planting the garden!
At the end of the day, half of the patch of crazy, over grown grass was beginning to resemble more of a potential garden, and our dreams of having our own garden were starting to come true after almost a year of dreaming!

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