The first taste – October 25 2012

A month after planting, we had our first taste of natures goodness that we planted! Some delicious, peppery rocket! As we grew the plants from seedlings, it didn’t take that long for us to get some yummy and edible produce! The greens were starting to grow really well, and growing the salad greens was such a confidence booster, as they are very easy to grow and maintain! All you need to do is water it well and keep slugs away!
To keep the slugs away from the plants and stop our yummy greens being eaten by bugs, we used crushed egg shells in the garden! Using the egg shells in the garden is also good because of the nutrients it provides to the soil! This is good because the calcium in the egg shells is essential for plant growth!!! All you have to do is wash the egg shells after you have cracked them. We kept them in the fridge to dry out, and then before we used them we crushed them up into very small pieces to sprinkle on the garden. Crushing them up means that they break down easier, which means the nutrients gets into the soil and plants faster! SUCCESS!!!
I love the beautiful view from our garden! Absolutely amazing when you are watering the garden and then look over and WOW!!!! The sunsets are so beautiful and we are so looking forward to the summer evenings we can spend up by the garden! We are so blessed with the amazing landscape we are surrounded by!!

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