Crispy Rocket Pesto Chicken Recipe – November 5 2012

As has been said earlier, we have an abundance of rocket in our garden! And we loooove rocket pesto.
So we came up with Crispy Rocket Pesto Chicken as a way to eat more of our yummy pesto and enjoy our garden in a more unique way than just eating salad!
So here is the recipe!
Crispy Rocket Pesto Chicken
-1 skinless, boneless chicken breast sliced into strips
-1/2 cup milk
-1 Tbsp white vinegar
-1/2 cup plain flour
-2 pieces of bread made into breadcrumbs
-1 Tbsp oil
1. Marinate the chicken in the rocket pesto for an hour or up to 24 hours in the fridge
2. Combine the milk and vinegar in a small bowl and leave to curdle
3. Put the flour into a small bowl and season well
4. Put the bread crumbs in a small bowl and season well
5. Arrange the bowls in front of you in this order: flour, milk, breadcrumbs and have a plate at the end to put the coated chicken
6. In a fry pan heat the oil over medium heat
7. Dip one chicken strip into the flour, then the milk and then the breadcrumbs so that it is covered well
8. Repeat with the remaining chicken strips
9. Place the coated chicken strips into the fry pan, and cook until golden and the chicken is cooked completely
We served our chicken on a lettuce and rocket salad with radishes all from our garden and peanuts (from the supermarket). We dressed the salad in a dressing made from 1 part lemon juice, 2 parts oil and salt and pepper! It was an amazing dinner that was so fresh and light! It will definitely become part of our dinner repertoire!

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