Staking the tomatoes – November 5 2012

Its always exciting when there is noticeable progress in a garden! And new additions to the garden that changes the way it looks is almost refreshing!
Today, we had to stake up the tomatoes! They were starting to bend over slightly. So before any major wind or rain happened upon them, we secured them up!
We bought one stake for each tomato, that would be tall enough to accommodate their future growth. Once the stakes were hammered into the ground next to the plant (deep enough to not just fall over), we tied them to the stake using old stockings (pantyhose) that had been cut into about a 4cm thick ring, and then cut into one piece of pantyhose ribbon. Using the pantyhose is good for the plant because it is breathable and not very abrasive! It is also really good for me, because I seem to wear a pair of pantyhose once and then there is a ladder in it! So it is good recycling!
As the tomato plants keep growing, we will keep tying them up on the stake! This helps the plants to grow really good and strong, and will stop them from breaking in any not nice weather!
The garden is growing so amazingly well! It is unbelievable! The radishes are looking a lot more promising (but then again they are super easy to grow), and the rocket is really taking off… (lol)
Here is another photo to show you how amazing our garden is! On Guy Fawkes, we went up to our veggie garden and watched the fire works across the city! Totally beautiful and not that scary until our neighbours starting doing fireworks that were sending sparks awfully close to our plants! Eek!

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