The start of my "Cottage Kitchen Garden" – October 25 2012

Having a garden is amazing! And the view we have is absolutely breathtaking…
At the end of the day when you are cooking dinner and the recipe calls for some fresh basil, you don’t really want to trek all the way up the hill to a garden to get some basil…
Our solution!!!
Build a garden on our deck/patio/whatever-you-want-to-call-it space!
After many a hour looking at small patio gardens on Pinterest, I decided that I too needed one. And so it begins! My/Our patio, or kitchen garden! (Kitchen because when you are in the kitchen, you can pop there easily!)
This is my rocket and spring onion, first additions to the garden, that is going to grow like cray cray!
I planted rocket seedlings in potting mix and a galvanized bucket that I had lying around (it had holes in the bottom perfect for good drainage!) and then watered it well! In the other bucket, I planted in potting mix the roots of a leftover spring onion and then watered it well. It is as simple as that! So long as they are getting adequate sunlight, they will be very happy, and will soon be getting more friends!
Here is my latest post about having a garden on a small patio space!

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