Strawberry fields forever – November 21 2012

I luuurrvvvee strawberries! I got given two strawberry plants for my birthday, but we decided that two was not enough! So we bought four more plants which means we have six! As a rule of thumb, you normally have five strawberry plants per person in your household so that you have a bountiful harvest enough for everyone to eat. BUT, we couldn’t afford (space and money) to have 10 strawberry plants.
Strawberries need a lot of sun when growing, otherwise they cannot reach their full juicy sweet potential. So when we planted, we made sure that our pots were in the sunniest spot of our deck!
We planted the strawberry plants in a strawberry mix, which is just like potting mix, but with extra goodies for the strawberries mixed in. We also bought strawberry straw (or hay) and put it underneath the plants, so that the leaves (and fruit) are above and out of the soil so that they don’t rot and so that the plant can conserve water.
When growing strawberry plants, the first season, fruit shouldn’t be left to grow, as the plants need to put their energy into growing stronger and establishing themselves. However, when we bought our plants there were a few berries already growing. Removing the fruit before it can grow in the first growing season (when the berries grow) means that in the second growing season, the fruit will be more bountiful! YAY! Thats what I like to hear, even though I’m not patient!
So for this summer growing season, I will be buying my berries, rather than growing them!
And as much as I love berries, birds also love them! So when there are berries on the plants, make sure that the plants are covered with some netting so that the birds can’t get to the plants!
Feeding the strawberry plants is very important when there are fruits growing. Normal plant food can be used, but finding a strawberry food can be more beneficial to the plant and berries as the perfect nutrients are in the food that will help the berries to reach their full potential! Sounds yummy!

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