Its Christmas time in the city – November 30 2012

This may not be directly related to gardening, but kinda! Its to do with trees!! For the first time in my entire life, I was going to get a real live Christmas tree! As we live in a little house, we needed a little tree, so the pre cut trees were too big for what we needed, so we got to walk around a Christmas tree farm and pick out our perfect tree so that it could be cut down for us!
It was so much fun! Even though it was drizzling (surprise surprise!), we still braved the farm and chose a tree. We kept forgetting which tree was our perfect tree, and then finding new perfect trees, but eventually we decided on our perfect tree, and got it cut down for us! Then because we weren’t organized, we had a wet Christmas tree in the back of our car with no tarpaulin. Hahaha.
We filled the tree up with decorations and the tree stand up with water and let it be. I read somewhere about putting Sprite or aspirin in the stand to help the tree survive, but we decided to just use water! (December 29 – And it is still alive now!) I am so excited for Christmas!

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