Our first baby! (GROWING COURGETTES) – December 3 2012

Our 9 month wedding anniversary was the 3rd of December, and on that day, we harvested our first courgette baby! Its amazing how different home grown vegetables are to shop bought vegetables! Our courgettes are so fat!
The crazy thing about courgettes is that one day they are small and the next they are a marrow! Literally! A marrow is basically a giant version of a courgette that has a slightly different texture and taste. So when you are growing these bad boys, keep an eye on them! The ideal size for a courgette is about a pinky finger to thumb length! The other thing about growing courgettes is the plant can produce a lot! As you keep harvesting, there is more potential for new vegetables to grow, so having a few recipes up your sleeve that use these glorious vegetables is a definite must! I have a couple of unique recipes that I will post soon! But for now, enjoy this beautiful picture of our first courgette baby!
I don’t know if its the volcanic soil we are blessed with or the perfect growing conditions or what, but seriously we are getting some big plants in a small amount of time! Look at these giant lettuces that we have! Luckily we have two families as well as us to share them with! Because that would be a lot of salad that we would have to consume!
We have also started growing peas in our garden! They are gorgeous plants that are very delicate looking and are truly just beautiful!
I will post some more about growing peas as well as some courgette recipes, but in the mean time, enjoy this photo of our glorious greenery!

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