Organising Your Seed Packets!

Even gardeners need to be organised. And I found the best way to be organised, so that I am planting seeds at the right time of the year/I don’t lose any of my seed packets! Let me let you in on my secret!
I took an old photo album, and organised my seed packets first of all by which month they are planted in, and then within that alphabetically! WOAH!!! SO CRAZY!!! Hahaha. So find out in your area when the best time to plant certain seeds is. If you prefer to organise it into four seasons, then thats all good! But I like this way, because then I can be like “oh hey, its March, what is there for me to plant this month?” instead of being like, “oh dang, its March, its too late for me to plant rockmelons!”
So enjoy organising your seeds in a way that is also easy to store, and is accessible! I just keep mine in my bookshelf so I see it too! Yay!

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