Organizing Your Linen Closet

I really don’t like folding washing. But its something that we all have to do! One of the worst things about folding washing, is folding the fitted sheet for my bed! I can just never seem to get it looking tidy! And this means that my linen cupboard looks messy! Does this look familiar??
So here is an AMAZING solution!
Lay out one of your pillow cases from your duvet set, and then fold up your duvet so that it will fit inside your pillow case. Then do the same thing with your fitted sheet, and if you have a top sheet, that too! It doesn’t matter too much if your fitted sheet isn’t the neatest you’ve ever folded it, so long as you’ve got it about the same size as the duvet etc. Put in any other pillow cases that you use in that set so that its all together!
Put all of the folded items into the pillowcase that is laid out. It’ll be puffy, but everything in the set will be tidily away in the pillowcase! This fits easily in a linen closet, and when you go to change your bedding, its easy and quick to have your new set on hand! And thats what I like to hear! Clean, tidy, and easy! Perfect!

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