Chores and Blackboards

Sometimes in life you need some friendly competition. I have found this especially to be true when it comes to chores. After a year of asking and then begging for my husband to do some chores (when he does them, he does a good job, he just has other priorities, like TV and 9gag) I think I have discovered a way to get him to do chores withoutΒ asking!
Yes! Without asking!
All it has taken is a blackboard, some friendly competition and a sweet prize for the winner.
So here is how it works:
-The chores are listed as daily, weekly or monthly chores.
-The daily chores are worth 1 point, the weekly points worth 2, and the monthly worth 3.
-Daily and monthly chores are up for grabs for anyone, but weekly chores are divided equally between us (easier for him).
-Every chore that you do, earns a certain amount of points that you add to your weekly tally.
-At the end of the week, the winner gets a star.
-Then at the end of the month, the person with the most stars wins a prize! This prize could be a box of beer, a manicure, a massage etc. Something that is special that we wouldn’t normally do!

And I have put this amazing competition board up on the blackboard painted in our kitchen. Its amazing! The trick to these blackboards is wiping as much dry chalk of as possible, then using vinegar diluted in water to clean the remaining chalk off. Then when it comes to writing on it, wait until the board is completely dry, then using chalk that has been sharpened with a pencil sharpener, and wet with some water, write on the board. The chalk will go on dull, but then dry to be bright and vibrant! Its so much easier to use that way!

So may your house be cleaner and your chalkboards neater.


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