About Me

My name is Victoria and I am an urban gardener from Auckland, New Zealand, but currently based in Amsterdam. I create things, cook things, photograph things and grow things. Basically, I love to make things, hence the name: Victoria Makes. I have had my own organic garden for over 6 years, but have been gardening myself since I was a child. I’m currently expanding my gardening knowledge and hoping to bring more credibility to my blog and Instagram (@victoria.makes) by studying a National Certificate in Horticulture.

I love to share healthy and delicious recipes, gardening tips and advice and DIY tutorials. I take all my own photographs and am passionate about capturing beautiful images of my garden. I am always in awe of nature, and often stop to admire beautiful plants that I see. I am always learning, and love to engage in conversation with the community of gardeners that I’m connected to around the world.

I’m a lover of all things natural, organic and beautiful, and I love to share these things here on my blog and on my Instagram (@victoria.makes).

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