5 Things: To Reduce Plastic Waste

We’re over halfway through 2018, we shouldn’t really still be using plastic bags and plastic straws, right? But what else can you do to help reduce your plastic waste?

5 Things: For Beginner Urban Gardeners To Grow

If you’ve never gardened before, it can be very intimidating to know where or even when to start. I think that the best time to start gardening as a beginner is in Spring, as it’s not too hot and not too cold to start getting your garden going for those great summer harvests.

5 Things: Pretty Ice Cubes

What’s an easy way to make your drinks more exciting? Decorative (but practical) ice cubes! These ice cube variations are so pretty and are a perfect way to add that little something extra to your next brunch or party! Here are 5 easy ways to jazz up your ice cubes and therefore your life (results…

5 Things: To Plant This Autumn

A few years ago, if you asked me, I would have said that once summer was over, my vegetable growing season was also over. But thankfully I have seen the light, and now my garden continues year round. Autumn is a great time to finish harvesting those summer crops, and also preparing for winter. There…

5 Things: Cute Gardening Accessories

Gardening is seriously my favourite. And what’s better than cute gardening accessories? The answer: not much. Here are 5 things I’d love to have in my garden right now: Ingrid Starnes Bar Soap – $19.95 (buy it online from Alex & Corban) Made with organic goat’s milk, shea butter and organic manuka honey this would be…