5 Things: Cute Gardening Accessories

Gardening is seriously my favourite. And what’s better than cute gardening accessories? The answer: not much.

Here are 5 things I’d love to have in my garden right now:

  1. Ingrid Starnes Bar Soap – $19.95 (buy it online from Alex & Corban)

Made with organic goat’s milk, shea butter and organic manuka honey this would be such a treat for gardening hands – and it doubles as a body soap as well – so perfect for that post garden shower!


2. Redcurrent Natural Scissors – $19.50 (buy it from Redcurrent)

Although not technically for the garden, these wooden handled scissors would be perfect for cutting those herbs or any other gardening job that requires easy cutting (seed packets, twine etc.). I love the look of natural wood – and these add a Scandinavian touch to your gardening accessories that is very on trend.


3. Sophie Conran Fork – $59.00 (buy it online from Father Rabbit)

These garden forks are so beautiful, Sophie Conran also has other gardening accessories in this range – like a trowel, secateur, potting sieve, hand rake and compost scoop. Made from waxed FSC Beechwood, brass and stainless steel, these tools are specifically and ergonomically designed for woman’s hands to help make gardening tasks easier and more pleasurable. Hence why the tines on the fork are shaped and sharpened.


4. Watering Can – $135.00 (buy it online from Father Rabbit)

This is super clever! The handle is designed so that as the watering can gets emptier and emptier your hand slips further back down the handle, so that the can tips further forward – pouring out the last of the water. Genius! As it’s designed by Burgon & Ball it’s no surprise really!


5. Herb Drying Rack – $19.95 (USD) (buy it online from Williams-Sonoma)

This is such a sweet herb drying rack – and would make drying those spring and summer herbs very easy with its circular design and included S hooks for hanging your herb bundles. Preserving your extra produce is the best way to make the most of your garden, so any that makes that task easier – and cuter – is a winner for me.


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  1. I love the scissors and watering can! I want a watering can like that. 😛

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