5 Things: Pretty Ice Cubes

What’s an easy way to make your drinks more exciting? Decorative (but practical) ice cubes! These ice cube variations are so pretty and are a perfect way to add that little something extra to your next brunch or party! Here are 5 easy ways to jazz up your ice cubes and therefore your life (results may vary).

1. Freeze coffee – This is life changing (I’m feeling very dramatic today). I love iced coffee, but I also nurse my drinks, which leaves my ice coffees with a layer of water on top. But here is the solution. Freeze coffee, add frozen coffee to not frozen coffee which gives you iced (not watery) coffee. Life. Changing.


These next four variations on the classic ice cube can and should be used together to create a perfect ensemble of decorative ice cubes and to take your drink game to the next level.

2. Add berries – berries inside ice makes me think of jewels and pretty fossils. They are beautiful, feminine (have you ever heard someone describe an ice cube as feminine?) and delicious. These are great for use in punches, cocktails, mimosas or even just water.


3. Add edible flowers – Edible flowers are the greatest invention since non-edible flowers. And edible flowers inside ice cubes are the greatest invention since edible flowers were invented (I told you, feeling a tad dramatic, but am I getting my point across?). My favourite thing with these decorative ice cubes is that not only will they zhush up your drinks, but they zhush up your ice buckets too without wasting actual food (eg fruit). Picture this, mimosa bar, a bottle of bubbles in an ice bucket full of flower ice cubes. Instagram heaven.


4. Add peels of zest – As the classic saying goes “When life gives you lemons, make lemon zest ice cubes.” But why stop there? Orange zest, lime zest. There’s no discrimination here. Add these to your fruity cocktails or a big ol’ jug of frosty water.

5 Things: Pretty Ice Cubes

5. Add mint leaves – Another great botanical addition. This can be added to water, juices, cocktails, spirits – you name it. This would pair well with fresh, light or fruity drinks and would compliment being used with the other ice cubes too (except for the coffee one – unless that’s your vibe and then who am I to judge?).


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  1. linda kelley says:

    These are fabulous!!! So pretty!!!

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