AHHHHHHH!!! I hate ants. Seriously. I hate them. Yuck. They get on you and crawl around really fast. UGH!
And guess what. My corn has ants. What the?!
It looks like they’ve laid eggs and they’re just all over it!
Has anyone else had this before??
I did some reading on this, and apparently it can be because of aphids! The ants herd the aphids like how humans herd cows! Apparently the aphids produce a sweet by-product that the ants love! A lot of people have found that the ants aren’t damaging the corn, but I find it really gross! So I was like, how do I get rid of them?!
Just get a hose and blast them off! I will definitely be trying this! And I guess you just keep blasting them off until you are ready to pick your corn! Sounds easy enough! Loves it!!

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