Hanging Pictures with Bulldog Clips

Our home office is pretty much our “man cave” in our house. My husband is freelancing at the moment, so the home office is pretty much just his domain. Over the past few years, he has collected different flash prints that he didn’t want framed or damaged with pins, but he wanted hung. So we hung them using bulldog clips, which created a really cool look which tied in really well with the rest of the “modern man cave” look.

Tools needed

  • A hammer
  • Small nails
  • Bulldog clips
  • Blu-tak (or equivalent)
  • A pencil
  • A tape measure/ruler
  • Prints to hang

Heres how we did it:

1. Plan out where you want to put the prints by sticking them on the wall using your Blu-tak. This is the best time to play around with positioning. We didn’t want it to look perfect, just nicely balanced.

2. Mark out where you will put your nails. Once you have the positioning of your prints sorted, measure the distance between the hole for the nail in the bulldog clip, and the end of the bulldog clip. Then measure this distance up from the top, middle of your print, so that you get the spot where you will put your nail.

3. Hammer in your nails. Just do it. You’ve planned it out, you’ve measured it out. Now commit. I used small nails that weren’t super garish, and then banged them into the wall until their was about 5mm (or less) between the head of the nail and the wall. You don’t need the nail to poke out too much, but leave some space for the clip.

4. Hang up your prints. Clip the bulldog clip in the middle of the print, or on either side (if you are using two clips per print), and then hang up the bulldog clip on the nail. I adjusted ours a little bit once they were up so that they hung straight. And then stand back, and take in your masterpiece. 🙂

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