Isla and Olive Natural Skincare

Self-care is something that I think is so important. As busy people in this day and age, I think it is crucial to stop for even 20 minutes, and just treat yourself. One of my favourite ways to do that is with a face mask. You don’t always have time (or money) to have a spa facial, so face masks at home are such a great alternative.

I recently fell in love with Isla and Olive and their French Pink Clay mask and it is so great! Isla and Olive are a small, New Zealand based, natural skincare brand and they make legit products!!

Their French Pink Clay mask makes my skin feel so wonderful after I use it! The pink clay renews cells and is mineral rich too! The mask also has rosehip in it, which helps to remove impurities and repairs damaged tissue! That is so what our faces need right?! This is why after using the clay mask my face feels so good!

Isla and Olive

After the mask, I used the Organic Face Oil. This is is a heavenly blend of organic oils (when you smell it, omg). Rosehip (improves skin softness), manuka and tea tree (helps to reduce acne), lavender and grapeseed! Damn!! The Isla and Olive Organic Face Oil has become a part of my everyday routine now too! I was hesitant to use it in the morning because I was worried about how oily my skin would be by the end of the day, but my skin has responded really well to the blend of oil and I absolutely love it! I’ve even got my boo on to using it too, because that’s just great for both of us!

Make sure you check Isla and Olive out on their website and also their Instagram (@islaandolive) because they have a few other natural skincare products too  (for women AND men) and they also post the most beautiful photos! If you try any of the Isla and Olive products, let me know what you think!!

Enjoy your self care and look after yourself!

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  1. ATypicalLife says:

    I absolutely love face masks and natural ones are always a better alternative! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

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  2. This looks so good! I’m a bit obsessed with face masks at the moment. 🙂

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